Boss Triple-pack (includes Paint - YAY!)

17 Dec 2014 13:41
by: Iluin
Thanks to some fast despawning corpses and the need to show the raid difficulty I had a reason to dust off my paint skills again. *dances*
Seems we were scared of Heroic for no reason.

After a smooth Imperator kill we paid Santa Butcher a visit and running out of time decided to kill two bosses at once. Next week you should hopefully see a bracket with the spore boss and Tectus biting the dust. Oh yes, I'm so funny.





Seventh Flight is recruiting for WoD Mythic Raiding

24 Jul 2014 11:27
by: Iluin
While still a couple of months away it is time to start recruiting for WoD.

We intend to start raiding Mythic as soon as possible and therefore need to increase our numbers to get a stable 20man raid force.
As such we have opened recruitment for all classes and specs.

What you can expect in our raids is moderate amounts of alcohol, some horrible singing voices, insults being traded left and right and your raidlead facepalming his way through the evening wondering if it wouldn't be healthier to cancel his sub an play Sudoku in the park.

Our current raid times are:

Friday 20.00 - 24.00
Sunday 20.00 - 23.00
Tuesday 20.00 - 23.00

All times are servertime.

If you can make those times and are interested to find out why Senteroth is gonna pay a race change to Gnomes for the whole guild please head to the forum and make an application!

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0.001% extra dps matters!

28 May 2014 14:07
by: Iluin
After our Easter break that seemed to drag on for over a month and raids happening only sporadically we finally got some good tries in on Thok Heroic last week. A few around 10% another at 1% and 3%. We called for last try. And for the first time in SF History the "Power of Last Try" failed us and showed us the finger. We wiped at 0.001% ... 10k health left. It was hilarious to say the least. Wish we were recording our Mumble chats.

Well this week - after some hiccups involving car tires - we got back to Thok Heroic and had a dinolicious BBQ. There you go!



Mistweaver tanking Malkorok Heroic

29 Mar 2014 11:06
by: Iluin
Must be a world first.

Technically Meifei was in Brewmaster spec at that time but comparing the times he tanked with the times he healed on average he is still a Mistweaver *nods*
After some wobbly tries we had it figured out and got an absolutely smooth kill with no hickups.




13 Mar 2014 11:27
by: Iluin
If you don't want to know how far we have progressed in Siege of Orgrimmar close your eyes now!

What felt like a close fight at first with each team only reaching 40 energy before berserk turned out to be quiet doable the moment we got the box order right and had up to 40 seconds left in the first room. 4 tries later and we got spoiled with loot. At the end there we had atleast a quarter second left. Not close at all :D



To make up for the lack of screenshots last time I posted two!