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Myffanwy (Disc)

Postby Myffanwy » Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:26 am

About me
Hello, I live in London. I was born in Hammersmith and then at the age of 4 a tramp ate the family cat and then aged 5 I moved to Swansea (the two events supposedly unconnected). I lived there until I went to uni without gaining any type of lovely Welsh accent and over the years found myself in London.

I've played Warcraft since Wrath, but until recently played on a US server. Myffanwy is my first EU toon, but I've always played disc priest. I love raiding more than anything; it's why I play the game now. Raiding, and the music in Grizzly Hills :tongue2:

Although sometimes I am required to work late in my job, I'm looking to raid 2-3 times a week and progress through new content with a good team. Like I say, raiding is the reason I play the game now, so I give it the effort and time it deserves. Friday, Sunday and Tuesday are good for me.

On Staghelm US I have been a member of some awesome guilds throughout Mists, even though I often had to get up at 3am to join the raid because of the time difference. As all my other (now inactive) characters are on US servers poor old Myffanwy only has a lamo transmog, 8 mounts and a huge gap in her achievements after lvl60 when I boosted her :)

I was in a lovely guild called Betrayal Of Promises until recently; the only reason I left was because I got a bit bored of every raid starting over an hour after the designated time. I'm in no way militant about raid night but I just felt I was wasting too much time every week waiting to start.

I've been pugging Hellfire Citadel which has actually been quite fun but I miss the team talk over mumble and the level of syncronisation and precision that comes with being in a proper raid group. And actually, I miss wiping! A pug group disbands after 2 wipes or so usually, and I miss the feeling of making propgression by overcoming problems as a team.

People can eat on mumble, that's fine. Once, (once) I continued to talk on mumble whilst I went for a poo because no break had been called. No one ever knew.

As you can see I've gone full out mastery build, which I think is pretty standard. I have shadow offspec but that's only for soloing really; I don't know how to play effective dps at all.

Why SeventhFlight? You seem like a nice bunch, and I get the feeling I could fit in with the minimum of fuss and get some raiding done.

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Re: Myffanwy (Disc)

Postby Iluin » Thu Jul 09, 2015 6:48 am

Welcome Myffanwy!

Thanks alot for your application.

I miss ... the level of syncronisation and precision that comes with being in a proper raid group

I miss that too sometimes :D

Kidding aside, from what I can see everything looks in order. Raid times are fine you said and you are decently geared. Plus we love accents.
I do hope you don't mind that your name over mumble will definitly be shortened to Myff ;)

I will let our recruitment officer have a look as well and assign you a possible trial date.

In the meantime we can offer you a guild invite if you want.

Regards, Iluin
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Re: Myffanwy (Disc)

Postby Neithan » Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:49 am

Hello and welcome.

I'm sorry to inform you that with Iluin accent, Myff will probably be pronounced mÿff.... apologies in advance.

Also we were just discussing a few raids ago how a disc priest (ours quit last tier) would be nice to have back in the group, so good timing \m/
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Re: Myffanwy (Disc)

Postby Jevar » Thu Jul 09, 2015 2:42 pm


Since Iluin has been doing my job again and accepted you without a fuss, all I can offer now is the trial date. Will Friday 10th work for you? :) If yes, raid invites start 19:40. Unfortunately I won't be there though, so I'll leave Errik instructions to receive a new priest to the ranks. I sure hope he's joining that night!

And what comes to naming, I'm sure we are missing a Muffin!
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Re: Myffanwy (Disc)

Postby Jevar » Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:03 am

Seeing as this fellow has joined Immortalis, this thread is now closed. ^^
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