This boss was killed as part of Throne of Thunder.

Items Dropped

Leggings of the Malformed Sapling
Clear Mind helm
Spaulders of Primordial Growth
Band of the Scaled Tyrant
Stolen Relic of Zuldazar
Greatshield of the Gloaming
Bracers of Fragile Bone
Gloves of Cushioned Air

Looted By

2013-08-18 - Yataum from Primordius (details) - Gloves of Cushioned Air
2013-08-06 - Jevar from Primordius (details) - Bracers of Fragile Bone
2013-06-25 - Tayas from Primordius (details) - Greatshield of the Gloaming
2013-06-09 - Stormfury from Primordius (details) - Stolen Relic of Zuldazar
2013-06-04 - Neithan from Primordius (details) - Band of the Scaled Tyrant
2013-05-24 - Neithan from Primordius (details) - Spaulders of Primordial Growth
2013-05-07 - Iluin from Primordius (details) - Clear Mind helm
2013-04-23 - Shaixira from Primordius (details) - Leggings of the Malformed Sapling