[A-25] Seventh Flight is recruiting

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[A-25] Seventh Flight is recruiting

Post by Iluin » Sat Sep 01, 2012 10:53 am

Seventh Flight is the oldest raiding guild on Argent Dawn.
We started out as a Raid Community with members from a dozen guilds tackling Molten Core in 2006 and are still going strong 6 years later having cleared Dragon Soul 8/8 Heroic.

With Cataclysm we progressed steadily until about March when our biggest challenge became obvious. Recruiting.
In order to get our 25 man team going again we are looking to recruit 7+ raiders for our 25 man roster.

We raid:
Friday 20.00-24.00
Sunday 20.00-23.00
Tuesday 20.00-23.00

Over the course of the month you should attend atleast 2/3 of all raids.

If you are interested in raiding 25 man and our raiding times look ok for you please make an application on our forum or contact someone in the guild. We would like you to level with us in Mists of Pandaria so you can get a feel for us and see if you fit in. That way you can decide for yourself whether we are the right guild for you before you commit to our raiding shedule.
Seventh Flight - Home of the unhappy and depressed - but warm and naked - Raiders! Tis a home away from home.

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