Seventh Flight switches to 10man Raiding

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Seventh Flight switches to 10man Raiding

Post by Iluin » Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:35 pm

Seventh Flight has for months tried to recruit the necessary numbers we need to have a stable 25man raidforce. This has been an uphill battle as interest in that raiding format is not as strong as it once was and with no incentives from Blizzard it got even worse.

The start of this expansion left us with 19 members. About half of what we need. We have therefore decided to switch to 10man raiding for the foreseeable future.

Everyone should have gotten an email detailing this decision, and most if not all of you, agreed that it was necessary.

Thankfully most of you also decided to stick with Seventh Flight through this difficult time. We hope that, although in a smaller format, we will continue making a name for ourselves on Argent Dawn, and that we will have many more eventful and exciting raiding evenings ahead of us.

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