Awesome Black Monday Deal!!

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Awesome Black Monday Deal!!

Post by Iluin » Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:04 pm

Only today!! 3 for 1! You'll never get a chance like this again!

Look at the screenshots of 3 new boss kills all in 1 post!

Here we go:

+Will of the Emperor. There was this button. We pressed is. That was the only sensible action. Some Mogu jumped out of the walls. We killed them. Not sure what else to do with them. Then the fun stopped. We must have broken it. Since we just got there the warranty was still valid. Hopefully fixed by next week.


+Imperial Vizier Zor'lok. LET'S DANCE! A minor suggestion though. Make all 3 platforms dance platforms and the last phase will become triple Disco phase!


+Blade Lord Ta'yak. @Blizzard: Our healers do not appreciate having to heal on the move while avoiding tornados. PLEASE FIX ASAP! Nor do our dps enjoy having bosses disappear all the time. Must be a phasing bug. This fight really needs some looking into.

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