Orgrimmar is finally under siege!

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Orgrimmar is finally under siege!

Post by Nantuui » Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:04 am

Daring reporters from the Seventh Flight Propaganda department have worked tirelessly and given their lives repeatedly to give you this report.

The events that unfolded in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms were horrible beyond comprehension. Not since the last time someone tried to destroy our world a few years back have we seen such heartbreaking destruction of beloved places (Ed. That Deathwing saw fit to repave Stormwind when he flew over was uncharacteristic, but greatly appreciated).

Garrosh, the monstrous leader of the savage Horde, dropped what seemed to be a purple heart into the sacred waters of the Vale and released a terrible, terrible evil! The results can be seen from the Shrine where our beloved Pandaren friends weep at the destruction brought upon their land. The sight of their sorrow was just too much for the brave Dragonslayers in the proud and ancient Alliance fighting force known as the Seventh Flight (insert trumpets, fanfares and cheering). They picked up arms and wowed to right the wrong and get to the bottom of the whole stinking mess even if it meant blood stains on those new shiny legendary cloaks!

Into the depths they marched to, let us be honest, see new places, slay new evils and find new and magical items that they could drool over in their private bedchambers.
And what monsters did they find?

A corrupted water being that was so unremarkable that we have forgotten its name, 3 corrupted daily quest givers that most probably wanted to slay even before they became corrupted (I still remember you Golden Lotus roadblock!), a “friendly” test of moral resolve from the neighborhood titan creation Norushen (who turned off the holodeck safety protocols?!) and finally the spineless Sha of Pride that was so full of himself and overconfidence that he just doubled over and died.

After defeating these terrible monsters the Seventh Flight are now ready to take the fight to Orgrimmar. Standing posed to execute a D-Day maneuver they are just waiting for the fearless Iluin to give the command to charge (charging counts as a complex manouver yes yes?). We, the reporters from the SFPD will be there every step of the way, to report on inevitable victories and great deeds. Stay tuned. There will be blood, and it will be ours and it will be glorious!
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