When shit hits the fan...

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When shit hits the fan...

Post by Jemaius » Mon May 21, 2007 5:28 pm

Okay, so I'm working on getting the board back up. I had to update it, don't ask. I won't tell.

Anyway, in the process, I have managed to break a bunch of stuff that is now coming back online. The major thing is that I broke all posts, but they are just about all back. What isn't coming back are all avatars. Sorry, they're gone. Even that one, yes. Not really, though, I'll be making all the old avatars available so you can re-upload yours, so if you had an irreplaceable image it's not deleted.

Anyway, once the forum does come back, it'll be when I have fixed all the stuff that I could figure out. If anything should remain broken past that point, please post so in a stable forum (public discussion is stable, reply to this thread is too) and do not use the broken feature. I'll be on it ASAP.

Update: We're up and running, obviously. The avatars are nuked, and you can find all the old ones here, if you want to restore your old one. In addition, the forum theme is now the quite striking prosilver, which you may or may not like. It can be reverted to subSilver2 from your profile. Please note that if you revert to subSilver, you may miss out on website integration features that can start to happen now.
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