The story of Orpheous

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The story of Orpheous

Post by Orpheous » Wed Apr 19, 2006 12:46 am

I'll never forget that day...
Arthas had given us the belief that we could fight and win, but his corruption sowed the seeds of defeat in our fragile minds. The destruction of the city of Stratholme saw our steady fighting retreat back to Lorderon. But before then the fight would arrive at my home, Darrowshire. Our regiment of the Silver Hand, became part of the stalwart defences, joining with a small band of milita, armed with whatever could be found, paltry though it was, every man and women was ready to give their life to protect what they loved, and I was no exception. The scourge were relentless, the more we killed, the more would confront us, we were forced to see our own fallen comrades join the forces of darkness, all the while we were been pressed back, till our backs where to the very walls. Even when the screams began from the village, we could spare no-one to protect the innocent, my own wife and young son was lost to me that day.

It was at this point that a small band of us made our escape throught the enemy lines. With losses, we mounted and escaped to silverpine woods where we hoped to find rest and refuge, to absorb what had happened in the past few days, to grieve for fallen family. But already, Lorderon had fallen and the taint of the scourge and had taken root.

A small band of us formed the Phoenix brigade, a small resistance unit, and though we took our tole on the enemy, it was to no avail, Silverpine was doomed to defeat, and in one of our final skirmishes, it was nearly my last, when a blade caught the chink in my armour, cutting deep.

My recovery was long and difficult, it has taken me many moons to recover to my previous strength. I have joined a group of crusaders of honour and righteousness. My training has already taken me to the depths of Blackrock mountain and the lair of the beast. I will be prepared, for that day we take the fight to the scourge, we march through the dark portal, and bring a lasting peace to Azeroth, and maybe let the light shine on my home that one last time, before i take that last breath and slip into the eternal slumber.

A fallen Paladin
Orpheous - The Wanderer

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