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Post by Erynia » Thu Jul 13, 2006 11:05 am

Elune's wrath... must I fill this form out ad infinitum?

Eryn drew a slow breath and peered down at the parchment in front of her, the candle creating a flickering light in the hut she and Kilthais had unofficially decreed their home. The sheets stirred a little, and a pile of blue hair shifted on the pillow.

Yes yes love, I'll be right back... let's see here...

"Please list the equipment you carry, and what innate abilities you have, and would you be willing to relearn your abilities for the unit you are transferring into?"

She bit her lip, stifling a laugh. In a word populated by large feathery bipedal owls and oversized panthers she was fast becomming the last of a dying breed, a druid of restoration, and one who enjoyed her job.

I went into archery because that cursed last unit had me healing whilst others played and frolicked, which is not how I see things. If you want to be a kitty, go run in the trees, not bite the firelord.

She dipped her quill into the inkwell and scratched out her reply, humming slightly off-key as she did so.

Seventh Flight eh? What happened to the first six?

She allowed herself a smirk as she listed out the items she carried with her, there were better equipped druids and druidesses for certain roles, but she definitely could keep up with the best of them, she'd prove her worth, and this time she could do it without having to consider making any hard decisions.

...No responsibility, no leading, sounds like heaven...

She sealed the scroll, tucked it into a tube around the Owl's neck and sent it flying out of the doorway, before rising up out of her seat and padding over to the bed, barely disturbing Kilthais as she clambered in.

And so... we begin a new chapter...



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Post by Glade » Thu Jul 13, 2006 1:05 pm

Glade was leaning back against the stone wall of Seventh Flight Army headquarters in Ironforge's Military Ward when the messanger arrived.

The stocky man entered and purposefully strode to the noticeboard hanging on the far wall. He paused briefly before unrolling a small parchment, revealing a flash of well-penned letters before he brutally impaled it on the pinhole peppered board.

The resounding thunk drew Glade from his musings. Discarding his melancholy thoughts, he rose, a spark of curiosity awakened in his eyes. As the messanger left, Glade replaced him afront the messages, perusing the latest arrival.

Erynia... From where do I recall that name?

He closed his eyes and sank back into his memory and recalled two charismatic figures from his past. The both of them tall, though one slender and whip-like whilst the other was broad-shouldered, exuding a aura of tranquility and wisdom.

Shadow Keeper Azriel and Watcher Lizelle, he thought and his mood deepened, a silent wave of sorrow threatened to leave him without breath. The image faded under the onslaught, then the picture brightened showing an female Night Elf in earnest conversation with the the slender warrior, Lizelle.

They talked of alliance and of terrific danger to the lands of Azeroth, lurking in the depths of Blackrock Mountain. A name on their lips "Rising Star", a name later repeated with bitter sharpness.

Erynia, now I remember, perhaps we'll be allied after all...
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Post by Elk » Thu Jul 13, 2006 5:00 pm

Elk was at the tactical table in the Officers' tend outside the Blackrock Mountain... when Erynia entered inside.

the Young Night elf bowed and saluted her with respect

Greetings Tear of Elune, the Seventh flight Army gives you the welcome and the mission where we could see you in action is in progress.

let me the opportunity to give you some explanations about The Seventh Flight Army

[img]The fire of the candles on the table projected the shadows of the two elves on the sides of the tend

Elk took the glass of spiced red wine and began to speak[/img]

Long time ago... satisfied that the small world had been ordered and that their work was done, the Titans prepared to leave Azeroth. However, before they departed, they charged the greatest species of the world with the task of watching over Kalimdor, lest any force should threaten its perfect tranquility. In that age, there were many dragonflights. Yet there were five flights that held dominion over their brethren. It was these five flights that the Titans chose to shepherd the budding world. The greatest members of the Pantheon imbued a portion of their power upon each of the flights' leaders. These majestic dragons became known as the Great Aspects, or the Dragon Aspects.

Aman'Thul, the Highfather of the Pantheon, bestowed a portion of his cosmic power upon the massive bronze dragon, Nozdormu. The Highfather empowered Nozdormu to guard time itself and police the ever-spinning pathways of fate and destiny. The stoic, honorable Nozdormu became known as the Timeless One.

Eonar, the Titan patron of all life, gave a portion of her power to the red leviathan, Alexstrasza. Ever after, Alexstrasza would be known as the Life-Binder, and she would work to safeguard all living creatures within the world. Due to her supreme wisdom and limitless compassion for all living things, Alexstrasza was crowned the Dragonqueen and given dominion over her kind.
Eonar also blessed Alexstrasza's younger sister, the lithe green dragon Ysera, with a portion of nature's influence. Ysera fell into an eternal trance, bound to the waking Dream of Creation. Known as the Dreamer, she would watch over the growing wilds of the world from her verdant realm, the Emerald Dream.

Norgannon, the Titan lore keeper and master-magician, granted the blue dragon, Malygos, a portion of his vast power. From then on, Malygos would be known as the Spell-Weaver, the guardian of magic and hidden arcanum.

Khaz'goroth, the Titan shaper and forger of the world, bestowed some of his vast power upon the mighty black wyrm, Neltharion. The great-hearted Neltharion, known afterwards as the Earth-Warder, was given dominion over the earth and the deep places of the world. He embodied the strength of the world and served as Alexstrasza's greatest supporter.

Thus empowered, the Five Aspects were charged with the world's defense in the Titans' absence. With the dragons prepared to safeguard their creation, the Titans left Azeroth behind forever. Unfortunately it was only a matter of time before Sargeras learned of the newborn world's existence....

...Over time the dragons have endured much hardship and only a handful still remain, hostile to all that may tamper with the titans creations.

The Chromatic Dragonflight was created by Deathwing from the essences of dragons from the other dragonflights as a weapon against them, and to replenish his own. They have all of the powers and none of the weaknesses of the other flights.

Though Deathwing was defeated and the Chromatic Dragonflight destroyed, his son Nefarian restarted the project 10,000 years later, and currently breeds them in Blackrock Mountain with the assistance of Rend Blackhand and the rest of the Blackrock Clan Orcs, who hope to use the dragons to overthrow Warchief Thrall and make the Horde back into the conquering, bloodthirsty force it once was.

The Primary Mission of the Seventh Flight Army is to defeat the Sixth Flight, the Chromatic Dragonflight, defeating Nefarian and replacing again the equilibrium on the lands of Azeroth

the young Night elf looked in the Erynia's eyes
are you ready to sacrifice yourself for you fellows?
((ooc: are you ready to hear on TS: "WHUIPPPPPPE WHUIPPPPPPPPE"? :lol: ))

Elk bowed to Erynia and went outside the tend smiling for the old fellow found again
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