The Fall and the Rise

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The Fall and the Rise

Post by Emelechet » Fri Sep 29, 2006 1:20 pm

During a foggy night...felt my heart slowin fall by the plague that corroded me...walking in a bright unreal night on the path of the undead, in a moment everything was clear and the light disappear...among the trees, in the lands where plague infested, no armour, no sword or bravery saved me from the last attack. Mangled and thorn my reaction was to fall into the river that lead to Silverpine Forest...

It wasn't the light of faith the one I saw but the morning and I got up near a strange silent lake... for a moment I thought saved myself and my soul from damnation but, it last a moment until i watch on the mirror of the lake what I was for real... death meat walking with still a light of what I was. Realized my destiny and walked night and day to reach the place where I was known a day, to save my soul from the damnation... a priest, a paladin, to save my soul from the abomination I was slightly becoming.


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