Hunting with Elk

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Hunting with Elk

Post by Elk » Fri Jan 27, 2006 2:25 pm

It was early morning, You was in the adjacent forest to hills of Darkshore. The sun was not still high in the sky, and could still see stars. There was a scent of bathed grass and the air was cold because there was a light wind that it came from the sea.
When Elk with the silent language of the hunters (signs of hands) asked to you to move over towards north to close the way of escape of the red deer. After little meters you noticed that Elk, with the same silent language, was giving orders to Humar of like moving. The black lion seemed to have all under control. you did not have the time to turn you eyes that you felt an arrow to leave from the bow of the Night elf and to hit the thigh of the red deer. Humar ran beside the red deer to make to go it in your direction.
At that point you found yourself of forehead to the Red deer. You could feel the heartbeat accelerated of the poor beast. After a moment an other arrow hitted in the neck of the red deer, killing it in the same moment.
The Animal depressed on the grass. Elk approached, sad in the face. I knelt down and said a Prayer for the Red Deer, saying Thanks to Elune for the gifts of the earth.
Then the Elf began to skin it and to prepare a campfire. As soon as the meat was ready, Elk took from his bag a flask of spiced red wine and began to tell:

"this is an old history... before that Storgrade came besieged"
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