Ancient Petrified Leaf ( dwarven style)

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Ancient Petrified Leaf ( dwarven style)

Post by Tayuya » Tue Mar 28, 2006 2:39 pm

(( I had written the biggest wall of text possible ..but accidently deleted it..I will do it over again soon :) ))

"Bah..silly Dragon..."
Mr.Stormpike sat next to the ravaged carcass of the Black Dragonflight's Brood Mother. The rest of his army ,The Seventh Flight were cheering and dancing around the corpse.

Kaff glanced over her body once more before they would leave..when he saw something..

"Oooh...thats something worth collecting!" He exclaimed as he cut of a piece of Onyxia's sinew, since he was a collector of weird stuff.
He then returned to the celebrate


Some days later,Mr.Stormpike woke up early,once again because of nightmares. " Feckin' nightmares!" he exclaimed as he rolled over the bed and unto the floor. Once awake..he looked at the calendar:
" Durned! Its today!" "Invasion of Molten Core" He shrugged and put on his armor, before riding off against Blackrock Mountain with his loyal friend Nightfang.


"Surrender?! What in my feckin' beard do ye mean surrender?!"
He yelled at the lizardman,while some of his comrades struggled to hold him back.
"Calm down foolish Dwarf!" He makes a pointing gesture and Mr.Stormpike notices the large treasure chest.
"Treasure!" His voice thunders through the Core!

Crawling all over the large chest, Kaff manages to finally open it ,and out pops lots of stuff: Some mechanic hammer,and some shoulderpads made of Leather.

Suddenly , Kaff sees a large ,petrified Leaf..lying about..
As if resonating to him, he picks it up.. it seems like no one noticed it ...


"Bah...stupid Elfy trees" Kaff states as he rides through Felwood..
"Who can be the "owner" of this big Leaf" he thinks to himself.. some point...he sees the three petrified Ancients standing in the middle of a corrputed lake..

"Could they be way" He climbs atop the little hill,standing in the middle of the Tree structures. Suddenly, Kaff sences something happening and loads his musket. He peers around...nothing..

"What do you seek, mountaineer?" Kaff turns quickly around!
"Wha in the name of my beardless Mother..!"
"I think you have something belonging to us..." The large Tree examines the Dwarf as he picks up the large leaf from his backpack.
The Ancient suddenly looks very relieved...yet worried at the same time..

And so he tells Mr.Stormpike of the battle of Hyjal,about Demons still wandering the face of the earth,about how the Sinew from a Mature Blue dragon can be used to make the strongest Quiver in the world,,and how..
Kaff picks up the Sinew from Onyxia out of his bag...and how the Sinew of a mature black dragon can be used to make the perfect bow string...


Kaff sits in the Silithus desert ...wiping the sweat from his face..
"Durned desert! It's too durned hot!" He exclaims...

Tough..he has to wait here...for one special..creature..
He starts thinking of the other Demons...Klinfran,Simone and Artorius..

All dead ..he looked into his backpack and sighs..

Just one left..and he would be done.

"Hey Dwarf...come and enjoy the Desert winds with me !" Kaff looks up..

A the middle of the desert...
Kaff glared angrily at the Gnome..inspecting him closely...

"No ? ok then" The Gnome wanders off..


"Hey Gnome!" The little pink-haired one stops...
"Stop hiding...I know who you really are...."
The little Gnome lets out a high frequensy-cackle and looks at Kaff..

"Foolish Dwarf! Die! " The Gnome suddenly shapeshifts into a Dreadlord, and flies at Kaff.

Barely dodging the attack,Kaff throws a Freezing Trap at the Demon,cleansing him from his enrage.

The battle starts...

Kaff filled with the power of potions, starts unloading his ammunition on the Demon, who runs at him. Kaff then runs under his feet,cutting his achilles heels.

He starts firing at the Demon but notices something strange...
Suddenly,a vision of Demon tortures sticks to Kaff's eyes..and fear is crawling through his mind.

This would be hard....he tought ....


The Dwarf lies almost dead on the to the Demon..almost dead as well...
" patethic creature!" Kaff draws his axe,and cuts the Demons head off!

"Finally..Im done..." he looked into his backpack,four Demon heads..and two Sinews..a blue one..and a black one...


"My quest is finally done....Now.....I need sleep" Kaff falls into his large Dwarven bed...besides him lies his Wolf, his Bear and his Tiger..
All gnawing on a green glowing staff....thats probably why he taped it after on ...

(( yes Im finally done with the quest,forgot pictures tough :( ))

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