Weedram - Monk extraordinair

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Weedram - Monk extraordinair

Post by WeeDram » Thu Jan 25, 2018 11:46 pm

Hey, my name is Decklyn. From Glasgow, got lost ended up at the Netherlands. I'm 25. In whatever freetime I get, I play WoW, LoL and a ton of instruments. I'm good at all sorts on WoW, been playing for 13 years, been hardcore raiding a while but stopped for like 2-3 years, owned a guild and we done starting legion content like Normal Emerald nightmare, heroic and mythic. I have a ton of xp with raiding and dealing with people.


I'm good with most days but I will give a headsup when something jumps in the way. Why am I good? I just am, dunno how to explain it that and 13 years of xp in the game. I played on Shadowsong all my life and now its getting too hard to recruit for the guild so we went our different ways since shadowsong is a low pop server. I might other chaps who will maybe join like my GF and some of my Scottish mates.
Since I can't pick Monk on the selection, I play most classes but enjoy monk and shammie the most.

https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... ng/weedram
I should be good, I played tank monk before they got the massive buffs and it was emerald nightmare, before monks took a shitton of dmg FROM MAGIC DAMAGE, MAN THAT FUCKING BOSS WITH THE WEB THAT SHARED MAGIC DAMAGE.
Why SeventhFlight? I dunno, I mean I was looking at Method on tarren mill but this seemed like a good alternative.

I will make you ave a giggle mate and get back to me.

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Re: Weedram - Monk extraordinair

Post by Remirra » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:24 am

Cheeki briki v damkah and all that comrade. Reading this app early in the morning right now, so to first of all to clarify... What role you're applying for ? DPS/TANK/HEAL ? :P
Also, we can invite you to our Normal run tonight in Antorus if you fancy that, see what's what and all that stuff ? Will you be able to make it 20.00 server time ?

P.s. Here's Discord link, easier to discuss stuff there ! :)

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Re: Weedram - Monk extraordinair

Post by Iluin » Fri Jan 26, 2018 8:34 am


We so need more Scottish raiders! We lost too many over the years!

Hi Decklyn! :)

Everything looks good and Wireframe vouched for you so I suggest we just throw you a discord invite and as Rems said you join us one of the upcoming Fridays or Sundays for Normal/Heroic and get to know us.Not sure if you server transferred already or not. If you can't make tonight no worries.

Looking forward to an authentic Glaswegian accent :D

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