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Viperbg Huntard

Post by minibg » Wed Feb 03, 2016 3:33 am

- Country of origin - Bulgaria
Hey Guys ! I like a lot to play mmorpgs and that's my favourite . I am 24 years old , working on family businesses and I love to play WoW when I am at home . I can even play till mornings this game. Since 10 years in the world and I am still rolling . Those years I dedicated only to the PVE content cause I love so much to raid and having responsibilities . I love also to communicate and have fun which I think is the most important thing at the end of the day .

In general I am available every day in the evening :D. As I told you I love to play this game. I might be sometimes during the weekend off but that may happen rarely . I am using high-end , top of the market technology to support my gameplay :D - newest alienware maxxed out 2016 year with full razer equipment :P . My internet is 100/100 rational which is the fastest internet you can get possibly in the planet . When I do something with love I do it as the kings :D lol

Well as I told I am very dedicated player and I am very responsible when it comes to serious/dynamic situations . Whats the most special about me I think is that I am a positive guy and I have a good aura which may result in smooth raiding from my side :P. I know Deesip from your guild which is from my nationality and encouraged me to apply for that guild (he told your awesome guyz )

So far I have cleared 7/13 normal and 5/13 heroic on my mage
I have a very rich raiding experience with my ret pala -Minibg during cata expansion -mythic 5/7 FL or smth like that I don't remember so I am used to not standing in the fire and yes I know how to pass the eye in the current HFC :D
I have 2 more alts - as I told the pala Minibg(Silvermoon) and on Haomarush I have Ermordyn-frost mage
I have C2 in English so I might be able to understand tacts :D

My character that I am applying with is Viperbg
Armory link : ... rbg/simple
I am used to dedicate my self how I can top my dps in a current spec and if I know that another spec is with higher dps I will switch immediately to it :D

Why SeventhFlight? - Because my friend as I told you recommended you so I believe him :D
Anything else you'd like to say? I like to say that I hope I can benefit you guys in someway . I know that my ilevel is terrible right now but I will aim at optimizing it asap so I can benefit you somehow :)

Cheers ,

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