Zartva - Human Fire Magician

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Zartva - Human Fire Magician

Post by Zartva » Sat Oct 22, 2016 11:08 am

- Country of origin (we have plenty here)
Lithuania. But have been living in Dublin, Ireland for the last 5 years. Its a shithole.

- Playstyle (RP, PvE, PvP, Lasagne)
Mostly PvE. But love occasional PvP. And I am all up for PvP realms, I think they're so much more fun!

- What keeps you playing World of Warcraft?
I dont know really... I suppose it's just addictive. There is so much different things to do there. And it also gives you a sense of achievement I suppose when you get things done! I know thats super sad and thats not the real world bla bla but we all have our own hobbies! And it's a good place to socialise even for a sociopath like me!
/whisper i will come at night and cut.... your wigs up..... bitch

Still, we need to know you can raid with us, since we ARE a raid community.

- Times available (Specifically, what times can you play Friday, Sunday and Tuesday)
I can play most of the week days really. I am currently working full time and studying in the evenings so I am just not available Tuesday and Thursday... Unfortunately :/
So to be clear I would not be available on Tuesdays. Other days are fine all evening.

- When you (most often) won't be available
Look the question above.

- Any problems with the checklist (any points which you fail). You really shouldn't have any if you're applying, but if you have any and don't post them, the application will be disregarded immediately.
I don't think there are any.

What's special about you? What have you done so far on Argent Dawn?
I suppose the biggest thing for me is Achievement section in WoW and trust me I have quite a lot, 19520 to be exact. I love doing achievements, old and new! So if you have something on your mind and cant find anyone to do it with I will probably be on board! You can take a look at my armory later and notice my title 'The Undying' ! ^^

Do you know any of our members?
I dont think so... Unless we hooked up in the past in rl. Quite possible because Im a slu'.

What kind of gameplay experience do you have?
I've started on The Burning Crusade, so a lot of experience in different expansions. Raiding and battlegrounds are the things I love the most so the most experience dwell there. If that's the question?

If you have raided before, with which groups? When did you leave them? Why?
I mostly do pubs... Because it's easier ha! But they are progressing very slowly and I want to progress! And I know I can progress.

Do you have any max level alts?
I have 2 alts but they're not max lvl yet. Also different realms.

Are you able to understand orders and tactics being explained on Mumble in English?
I consider my English to be very good so I should understand you unless the person will have a very thick accent.. Even then I got to the point where I can comprehend most accents anyway.

Will Tayas' constant eating while he talks on Mumble cause you personal distress?
I am not aware of who Taya is but that does sound like poor manners. Can I talk to his mother in regards of that?
On a more serious note it won't be a problem but he should probably look into that because that is a sign of poor manners.

Armory ... tva/simple

If you've made unusual gear choices, or have some great gear you're not wearing, please tell us about it.

How raid friendly do you consider your build? Would you be willing to respec and if so, are there any limits?
Umm.... Very raid friendly!
I would be willing to respec but since I invested a lot of artefact power in Fire my abilities would diminish dramatically.
I would love some advice in regards of my stat build tho!

If you have a raid-viable dual talent spec, please include that as well.
Not at the moment.

Why SeventhFlight?
Because it looks like a nice friendly raiding guild. And small. I like that you have limits in regards of the amount of people you take in. Easier to manage. And better in my opinion.

Anything else you'd like to say?
I love big cocks, long walks on the beach and fried chicken.
And yes, I am gay. Handsome tho. Good deepthroating skills *wink*

(Optional) What's 42?
Leaders age?

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Re: Zartva - Human Fire Magician

Post by Remirra » Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:11 pm

Hello Zartva, thanks for applying! I'll poke our RL about your application ASAP.
I know my rotation perfectly. ->Steady shot, Chimaera shot, Aimed shot, Ice trap and Garrison Hearthstone.
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Re: Zartva - Human Fire Magician

Post by Iluin » Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:15 pm

Hello Zartva!

Welcome to our somewhat underused forums (now that we entered the age of Discord) and thanks a lot for your application.

It all looks good and even though for the last 10 years Tuesday was a steady raid day, with HFC taking so long and the limited amount of bosses available right now, I do not think it will be a huge issue if you are unable to attend that day. As long as you can make Friday and Sunday on a regular basis it will be fine.

Now about that leader's age thingie. You are wrong. Kinda. I'm still young!!
But you should know that the average age in Seventh Flight was at one point 33 years. We now acquired some fresh juicy bodies that probably lowered the average to something more in line with normal MMO standards. But still.
Mostly adult, grown up children in their thirties so silly things are done, lewd jokes are made.
If that is something you can live with or thrive on then I would say - Welcome to Seventh Flight!

We can throw you a guild invite asap and you can get to know us. Raid with us on the days you can and see if you like the atmosphere. If you enjoy your time with us consider your trial passed. If you find out that we are simply not right for you no hard feelings.


PS: I'm extremely handsome and have a voice that was described as "like an Archangel" and "soothing smooth honey" at some point. But I'm afraid I got a girlfriend ;)
Seventh Flight - Home of the unhappy and depressed - but warm and naked - Raiders! Tis a home away from home.

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Re: Zartva - Human Fire Magician

Post by Zartva » Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:22 pm

Iluin wrote: PS: I'm extremely handsome and have a voice that was described as "like an Archangel" and "soothing smooth honey" at some point. But I'm afraid I got a girlfriend ;)
Well I have been with more attached/married guys than single haha
They all say they're taken before they experience my deepthroating skills ^^
so you having a gf is not a problem *wink*
I can keep a secret.... shhhhhhh

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Re: Zartva - Human Fire Magician

Post by Zartva » Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:23 pm

Thats great news!
I will log on now and whisper someone about an invite.
Thanks very much!

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