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Barnapy [Paladin]

Post by Barnapy » Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:31 pm

About me
Give us some information about yourself. Who you are, what you do. Common topics include:

- Country of origin (Hungary)
- Playstyle (PvE, PvP)
- What keeps you playing World of Warcraft?
I am a big fan of blizzard lore.

The more the better, usually, just don't go writing an essay. We're a lot of different people here, and we're interested in a community, not the Military

Im 21. Learning Business Management or call it economics in university. My plan is to become enterpreneur in europe. Also plan to start kickstarters. Im a thinker who wish to find the market gaps. Im also interested in video editing, modelling, animations on a newbie level. I can speak very little french and german also. Love disney songs. Im doing gym 3 times in a week.

Still, we need to know you can raid with us, since we ARE a raid community.
Well, invite me for a mythic + and we will see. I love team cooperation in raids. I want to discuss many things with other healers when we encounter new bosses. Since I play only holy paladin, i don't know much about other characters just basics. But the good thing is as a holy paladin i have really big influence in encounters, since i have many tricky abilites.

- Times available (Raid days are ok, im also available for anything anytime if it is sheduled)
- When you (most often) won't be available. When i am in the university. And on exam weeks. But its only 1 occassion.

- Any problems with the checklist (any points which you fail). You really shouldn't have any if you're applying, but if you have any and don't post them, the application will be disregarded immediately.

What's special about you? What have you done so far on Argent Dawn?
I got feedbacks about my healing skills. I know myself as a kind polite person, who loves to talk about lore, speculation and spit on death knights.
Do you know any of our members?
Probably not
What kind of gameplay experience do you have?
Well, I play only Strategy games. Love Civilisation, warcraft III. Also RPG-s. A game is like a book for me. I play for stories and meet with kind people.
If you have raided before, with which groups? When did you leave them? Why?
Well I was in Arcanite Legacy which could kill xavius on hc. It was a great guild but childish people ruined it, and i can't stand out them. Sometimes people forget that behind the characters sit another person, who are the same human beings.
Do you have any max level alts?
No. only 1 character
Are you able to understand orders and tactics being explained on Mumble in English?
Yap, and if it needed i can explain also.
Will Tayas' constant eating while he talks on Mumble cause you personal distress?
Well its okey. I just hate when people start to talk when somebody hasn't finished their monologe.

Put your name in the URL where stated. ... y/advanced

If you've made unusual gear choices, or have some great gear you're not wearing, please tell us about it.
I have like 4-5 trinket I change them for different bosses.
How raid friendly do you consider your build? Would you be willing to respec and if so, are there any limits?
I specialized for raids for the first time, but i just started to like pvp as healer so I am condifent with my talent tree knowledge. I change it for every situation.

If you have a raid-viable dual talent spec, please include that as well.
Only Holy.

Why SeventhFlight? Just saw the recruitment in the chatbox and im looking for a raid who is able to defear at least heroic xavius
Anything else you'd like to say? I am also a semi-dataminer
(Optional) What's 42? A positive number

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Re: Barnapy [Paladin]

Post by Iluin » Wed Oct 26, 2016 8:41 pm

Hello Barnapy and welcome to our forum!

We had a look through your application and it all looks good.

The important part will be wether you like us and enjoy raiding with us. We can find that out this Friday and Sunday if you have the time.

In the mean time we can offer you a guild invite so you have a chance to get to know us. See if you fit in the guild.
If you have any questions or anything I can help you with, give me a poke!


PS: Raid invites start Friday 19.40 server time.
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