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Gwynevien -resto dudess

Post by Gwynevien » Tue Sep 05, 2017 10:24 pm

Hi there !
So I'm a woman and a healer, I know - typical. But ! I started WoW as a hunter (in 2009 I think)( crap, another typical WoW woman...), Then lets see - I was a paladin healer ( don't even start) until WotLK - DK tank hurr-durr ( I was good, seriously, I killed that LK, when frost tanking was a thing ). After years of changing my characters I decided to try finally druid. So here I am. I can heal and also dps as balance ( although you really want me to heal :D ).

In my real life - well Im a 32 year old geek, who is also very weird. I'm a seriously a weird person. But I'm fun and I'm not offended easily, I heard it counts somehow these days. Anyways, so what I do - I work at home ( Im a bit disabled, so don't have "normal" work) I write ( or try to) things. I love to cook, so if you'll choose me and if you live nearby,I can feed you from time to time. To add to all that good stuff I'm Polish - which means - my cooking is divine( you were mentioning Lasagne - no one makes better lasagne than me, no-one, that's a fact) and I'm very ambitious ( KJ can bite me ). What keeps me playing World of warcraft..I don't know..what keeps me watching Star Wars over and over again ? :D - awesomeness ?, people as crazy as me ? the fact that I do enjoy playing games in general? Sentiment ....well there are plenty of reasons why I still after soooo many years, "waste" my time applying to people I never met :D ( and hoping they will poke me in game - how crazy is that :O ).

About raiding - yes I'm mostly there for raids ( unless Im in pain - I'm afraid that is one and biggest of my problems- once a moth or twice I may have problems with getting up from bed- so rather rarely)

My experience - well through my WoW life I was raiding, more casual then more hardcore. Currently Im as they call it - semi hardcore ( raided with lovely guys from Kingsfall, but well they decided to disband guild on AD) :) - you can check and judge if it's true here : ... /Gwynevien
also for more pleasure here : ... /gwynevien

Oh fun question - do I have maxed alts...yeah few :)
My build well, I do change it a lot, its different on different bosses. So I guess you could call it raid friendly...I think :P Also I have plenty of gear I'm not wearing/ wearimng when it's needed ( trinkets, some legendaries, offspec gear )
I do understand English, unless Tayas constant eating will deafen everything else, then I may have teene-tiny problem.
Why Seventh flight - because you sound guys like cool, friendly and intelligent bunch. And also I heard, that you need a special kind of weirdo like me, so...yeah you miss me there.You know it.
What's 42.. No idea,
in case you choose badly and I wont hear form you then; so long and thanks for all the fish ( wink, wink, nudge,nudge),
Yours truly Gwyn/aka Hanna !

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Re: Gwynevien -resto dudess

Post by Nantuui » Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:45 pm

This... THIS is a GOOD application. Iluin will be poked until he replies. I promise, I am within poking distance. I poke him well, ask anyone, they all say I make him make the noise well. Great noise. Great pain.

Iluin get on this nao!

And hi, I am the resident bear tank of the female persuasion (also called a bear grill) and I really enjoyed reading your application.

The Druid Nivena formerly known as the Shaman Nantuui, formerly known as the Paladin Kethilva, formerly known as the Priestess Cethwen.
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Re: Gwynevien -resto dudess

Post by Iluin » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:01 pm

Hi Gwynevien!

Welcome to our forum (which seems more and more a remnant of a glorious past in the age of Discord)!

You already managed to check pretty much all requirements we have for applicants ever since like 2006.

#Know what a forum is.
#Navigate a forum.
#Actually read the thing labeled "Read First!"
#Make a coherent post in the correct section.

A few things about us in case you don't know:

We are mostly in our thirties and been playing this game for a long time. Some are still here since Vanilla and BC.
Despite our age you will be surrounded by a lot of "boys".
We are very good at bad jokes. Some nights we are better at jokes than killing trash.
And we randomly lose healer focus because it's Naps first time every time. You will see :D

The only thing we require of our members is to have a good time and to show up more often than not. So the next step will be giving you a chance to find out if you like us.
We did kill KJ Heroic recently so unless we get enough people together to go Mythic the next weeks will mostly be Farm, old raids for shits and giggles and some M+.

Friday and Sunday should usually be the days we do proper content so if you have time on any of these days this week you are more than welcome to join us. In the meantime if you want to get to know us better anyone in the guild should be able to throw you an invite to the guild as well as Discord.

Thanks for your application and see you soon hopefully!

PS: My girlfriend said she loves you and that I should confirm her ability to make me make the noise. It will all make sense soon I promise.
Seventh Flight - Home of the unhappy and depressed - but warm and naked - Raiders! Tis a home away from home.

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Re: Gwynevien -resto dudess

Post by Gwynevien » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:41 pm

Hi yet again :)
So people close to their thirties? you mean I won't be the oldest and wisest ( did someone laugh ?!) of them all ? I'm down with that :) My attendance is scary - I'm almost everyday, killing currently Argus talbuks for meat and sometimes, when Illidan is nice and a good boy - I do some dirty work for him. Only when I have to run to my favourite doctors - I may be absent, but you will always know it ( yeah I have a discord o my phone, and it is awesome app to spy on your guildies ).
Soo I have a free week and whenever you'll need me and my power to frak up the unfrakable - call me ! :)
PS : I love your girlfriend for her special ability :D She knows her woman powah, she has my respect and free hugzz
PS2 - Nantuui - I have never met a fellow tank grill - this is my first time, and woow - finally ! after so many years of playing this game - I met a girl tank <3
thank you for a very warm replies guys, and hoping to see you in game :)
Gwyn ( also lately known as - did you killed all those talbuks yet ?)

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Re: Gwynevien -resto dudess

Post by Dae » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:56 pm

Fellow resto druid reporting in! ... Why are you killing all of the talbuks? :(
Dae, dae, dae, dae.

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Re: Gwynevien -resto dudess

Post by Vercin » Wed Sep 06, 2017 1:56 pm


You won't be the oldeset or weirdest sf member for sure:P

Iluin is the boss in theory but since our true leader (Nantuui) likes you all i can say is Welcome to Seventhflight!

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Re: Gwynevien -resto dudess

Post by Remirra » Wed Sep 06, 2017 3:54 pm

Hello on behalf of house elf. I am Remirra the Sockmaster. I work for Socks. Dobby is my cousin.
Happy to see new face around this forum :) Welcome !
I know my rotation perfectly. ->Steady shot, Chimaera shot, Aimed shot, Ice trap and Garrison Hearthstone.
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