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[Public] Apply to SeventhFlight membership, to join our raids. Applications expire in 30 days unless you post replies showing continued interest

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Applications are "open letters" between SeventhFlight and the applicant. Other applicants and/or guests shouldn't dilute those topics. We prefer to ask references through in-game mail. Abuse of the posting privilege by posting in other people's application topics is a serious issue.

Application threads should be kept on-topic while the application is relevant. This is another very serious issue, and applies to members as well. Side-tracking an application topic which is still relevant is not acceptable, and people are instead urged to post in General Discussion.

Threads in this forum are removed after 30 days with no replies.
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Social Membership Information

Post by Jemaius » Tue Jan 04, 2011 9:47 pm

SeventhFlight accepts people into the community on a social and casual basis, with the understanding that such a membership subjects the social member to the rules and judgement of SeventhFlight. A social membership entitles access to the SeventhFlight in-game channel, guild, as well as most of the SeventhFlight community forum.

Unlike normal membership, social membership carries no requirements other than the community has to like you. Make friends, be nice, and you'll likely get to be a social member. You must also behave in a way that fits any SeventhFlight member, both to the community members and others. Failure to behave in a proper manner leads to termination of your social membership.

What's in the package?
Access to the community forum, channel and the SeventhFlight guild. You can participate in discussions, and any unofficial raids you're accepted on (pending gear of course; this is up to the individual off raid). Unofficial (or off-day) raids are organised ad-hoc and generally happen on "off" days; that is, days that are not our primary raiding days.

What's not included?
You do not get access to SeventhFlight's official 25-man raiding, nor the contents of the community raiding bank.

How do I apply?
There is no application template currently available, nor do I think there will ever be. Start a thread in applications prefixed by [Social] and fill in what you think would impress us.

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