[MoP] Charter: Raid organisation

[Public, read only] Here's all the info you need on raiding with us, from the mods to download to an explaination of the looting system.

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[MoP] Charter: Raid organisation

Post by Nanuviel » Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:42 pm

Seventh Flight Charter


In this charter you should find all the information you need about Seventh Flight's raid organisation.

Raid organisation


Raids are always scheduled at least one week in advance.

Invites are up from 19.40 - 19.50.
Attendance is taken at 19.55, at which point EVERYONE should be in the instance and buffing should start.
Being there in time will reward you with the 3skp start bonus.
Being late for the invites nullifies your sign up and might end up in you having to sit out that raid.

Signup process
It is the responsibility of every SeventhFlight member to sign up for raids. Signing up means going to the raid signup page and signing Available for raids you intend to attend and Unavailable for other raids. Signing up is mandatory.

You can find our raid signups at http://seventhflight.com/calendar .

Raids are frozen between 24 and 26 hours before the raid is scheduled to start. Until the raid is frozen, you can freely change your signup. If you must change your signup after that, you must make a post in your Attendance thread.

If you are unsure if you can make a raid, because you are planning to work late, have guests or you know of some other event that makes it doubtful that you can make the raid, please sign as unavailable. If you nevertheless intend to come, we recommend you use a signup note or post in your Attendance thread that you intend to come and approximately when.

Any player who fails to sign up for a raid (either as available or unavailable) will have a halo removed from the halo list. If the player has no halos, they will get a :evil: to act as a negative. See Charter: Halo System for further details.

Deciding where to raid
The decision of where to go is based upon the sign-ups for the day in question.
The Raidleads always try to give out information about the raid target as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that this can change due to unforeseen circumstances.
There is also the thread http://seventhflight.com/forum/viewtopi ... =21&t=7909 where we try to post the information as soon as possible.
If 2 out of 3 raids during a raid week is undersigned, the Raidleads can decide that the whole week will be converted to 10-man.

The following addons are *required*:
Raid addon (ORA3 or Ct_RaidAssist)
Bossmod (Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs for example)

Role in raid (marks and marking, raidleader)
All tanks will get promoted in order to be able to mark their targets. Each tank picks a raidmark and calls it out at the beginning of the raid, please remember your mark and stick to it.
Marking should be done as fast as possible (hotkey your mark) as the pulling is dependant on all mobs marked appropriately.

The raidlead is the highest authority during the time of the raid and has the goal to make the raid as successfull and rewarding as possible.
Even if you disagree with the raidlead, you better accept his/her judgement. Raiding time is meant to be spent raiding and not discussing.
This does not mean: "I'm a raidlead I can do what i want", the raidlead is still responsible for what he decides during the raid.
If you disagree with a decision the raidlead makes, you are encouraged to start a forum thread about it afterwards.

Alts in official raids:
Alts in non-farm content:
+) The raidlead can invite you to bring an alt if we lack one of the key classes for a specific fight.
You may refuse, with no penalty, for whatever reason you like.

Alts in farm content:
+) Check the gear requirements and post your info in the appropriate thread (link coming) to show that you are ready to raid with your alt.
+) You may ask your raidlead, to join with the alt for farm content (Keep in mind, that just because you were admitted one week, does not mean you can show up every week now with your alt)
+) When you join as an alt, it's up to the raidlead to decide WHEN or IF you can switch back to your main. There is NO such thing as "I need to get item XY of that boss with my Alt, then switch to main for Trash for my Nether Vortex, then switch to alt for next boss......." and so on. This wastes precious raid time.

Communication (chat channels, mumble)
SeventhFlight requires its members to join role specific in-game chat channels to facilitate communication between members. Members must participate in at least one of the following channels, depending on role:

For all damage dealers to coordinate their efforts... among other things!

All healers must be present in this channel. Tanks are normally also present in this channel, as this is where major cooldowns are organised with the healers.

All tanks are needed in here.

In addition, members and previous members are welcome to join our social channel:

This is a social channel for both members and non-members. Please refrain from talking about applicants or triallees in this channel. Other than that, all discussions are welcome.

Most of the communication during raids (tactics explanation, etc..) is handled via Mumble.

Please make sure you always join Mumble when joining for a raid.

Make sure you have “Push to talk” enabled.

Address and password can be found here: http://seventhflight.com/forum/viewtopi ... =19&t=8644