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[Public, read only] Here's all the info you need on raiding with us, from the mods to download to an explaination of the looting system.

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Forum Rules

Post by Jemaius » Tue Nov 29, 2005 8:59 pm

After our first boss kill, there was an explosion of posts on the forums. While it is good to see enthusiasm, a few things need to be observed. As follows:

1) The forum language is English. Please post in English only.
2) Don't attention seek. That is, do not post the same post twice in different places.
3) Stay on topic. Don't sidetrack topics. If a topic has died, let it rest. Stay with the intent of the topic, not the exact wording of the title.
4) Don't make me whip out the Voice of Mod. I'm sure you all realise with just a bit of thinking before posting how to play nice.

Oh, and, yes. Be nice! We're here to have fun, not go at each-other's throats. There's Gurubashi for that.

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