[MoP] Charter: Recruitment process

[Public, read only] Here's all the info you need on raiding with us, from the mods to download to an explaination of the looting system.

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[MoP] Charter: Recruitment process

Post by Anaxagoras » Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:23 pm

SeventhFlight's recruitment is based on applications. People are free to apply to join SeventhFlight (either as a raider or social member), and we will look into the application. Occasionally, we will advertise on the realm forums or in-game, but those times people are still required to submit an application

An extensive guide on how to apply is in this thread. Applicants must follow that guide, or we reserve the right to disregard and/or ridicule them.

What is a trial?
A trial is one of the later steps to being accepted in the community. When you are to be trialled, we have determined the need to fill your class' position, and picked you for it. The trial will determine your abilities in a raid environment, and see if you will fit in the group. Very few people get trialled, so make sure your application is interesting enough to make us go "hey, we want to trial this guy/girl!"

While on trial you will not usually be offered loot, earn points or position on our loot lists. Still, please say "--me" if an item you want drops; if nobody else wants it, you will get it (for absolutely free, no strings attached!)

When do I get my trial?
Trials are usually scheduled for Fridays, with invites starting around 19.40 server time. Nevertheless it can (and does) happen on Sunday / Tuesdays as well. You'll get a notification for this trial in advance.

What not to do?
Don't whisper us about getting a trial. We'll whisper you.

Provisional Membership
Once you pass your trial, you get "Provisional Member", or PM for short, status in SeventhFlight. This entitles you to full raid benefits for loot, raid positions as a normal member. It also places the same requirements on you as a normal member with regards to attendance, flasks, raid tactics, etc.

There are some things you don't get as a PM. For one, the bank will not fully support you with perks (e.g. belt buckles, gold, leg enchants and such) until you become a full member. For another, some forums (specifically, the recruitment forum, where trials & PMs are discussed) will be unavailable to you.

The period for your PM is 12 attended raids. This is usually between 1 and 1.5 months, depending on your attendance. By the end of that period, you must have adequate support from the current members for your own bid for membership. Make friends, join both raids and non-raids, post on the forums and it'll work out fine.
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