Jem & Grobe's Pointless Adventures Comic

Jem & Grobe's Pointless Adventures
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Jem & Grobe's Pointless Adventures Comic

Post by Jemaius » Fri Sep 29, 2006 1:06 am

The journal of Jem & Grobe's pointless adventures in Azeroth.

Click here for the latest comic.

Author's Note: So, I kinda messed up all of this. I'll have more material soon-ish.

To see all episodes of Jem & Grobe, please visit the
Jem & Grobe Comic Archive

Episode vs Special?
Jem & Grobe Episodes follow a sort of loose chronological order, and are generally regarded as sequential, with a timeline generally not related to World of Warcraft events. Consider it a fictional story. Just without a plot. Characters in the episodes are generally not aware of what they say in specials.

Jem & Grobe Specials are strips outside the "story" of the episodes, so any plot devices or unresolved mysteries, or bad entities chasing Jem & Grobe generally don't exist in the specials, or are assumed resolved. The specials take the time to illuminate (read: make a joke of) special events in World of Warcraft: celebrations, content patches, and meta-game issues. Jem & Grobe in the specials are aware of everything that has happened in the episodes.
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