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General about the instance

Post by Jemaius » Fri Jun 16, 2006 1:36 am

Molten Core is the first real foray into raiding for many people, and, as such, is an easy instance. Of course, it didn't seem to be an easy instance when Magmadar was wreaking havoc with the MT, or when the trash mobs' AoE destroyed all melee dps, but it really is an easy instance.

The gimmick of Molten Core is that each boss has a handful of key special tricks that, once you master, makes it a piece of cake. Items such as "The Bomb" on Geddon, or Magmadar's enrage, or banishing/sheeping on Garr/Domo respectively; these things make up the key elements. Once you have the keys in place, the rest trickles down relatively easily.

Inversely, should the keys not be fulfilled (and these are made in such a manner that virtually everyone will be required to do something), you have problems. People blowing up in group on Geddon, for example. This makes it doubly important for people who join an already established community to brush up on the used strategies, as a wipe could be caused otherwise!

But, once the keys are in place (and they will be sooner or later), the slate is clean.

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