[MoP] Charter: Loot

[Public, read only] Here's all the info you need on raiding with us, from the mods to download to an explaination of the looting system.

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[MoP] Charter: Loot

Post by Jemaius » Fri Apr 03, 2009 11:35 pm

Seventh Flight Charter


In this charter you should find all information you need regarding the loot system we use in Seventh Flight.

Loot distribution
For a more detailed insight into our loot system, head to http://seventhflight.com/forum/viewtopi ... =20&t=4720 for an introduction with examples.

Basically we use a 2-lists-based Suicide Kings system (in short SK ) that got modified with attendance based points.

The loot system is based on two principles: A Suicide Kings list and a point system that reflects your attendance.

The system itself is very simple:
First of all a list with all names of the people in the raid community gets randomly generated, this shows in which order people are eligible for loot.

As soon as loot drops, in principle this is what happens:
The highest one on the list gets asked if he wants it. If yes, he gets the item and his name goes back to the bottom of the list (= "suicides" hence the name), whilst all below him move up one place on the list. If no, the next one in the list will get asked ...... and so on till someone takes the item or it gets dissenchanted. For practical purposes, what actually happens during loot distribution is that everyone that wants an item says "--me" in the raid channel once called for it, simply to save time

There are two suicide lists for every Tier of loot:
Class and Cross-Class loot
As soon as something got "Class: X,Y" written on it, its class loot and gets handled on that 2nd list.
You only "suicide" on the appropriate list, so class suicide for class loot and cross-class suicide for cross-class loot.

SK does not penalize you, should you not attend. Whilst not attending, you are frozen in your spot, so you cant descend on the list, BUT if someone above you suicides people below you can "jump" over you

Earning and spending points:
For every 10 minutes you are in raid, you'll earn 1 point. Additionally you earn points for being on time and in the instance at the planned raidstart at 19.55 and for ending the raid aswell.
Every item costs a certain amount of points. Now when an item drops, the following scenarios are possible:

1.) Everyone has enough points to afford the item:
In this case, looting gets handled following the SK rules and the points get deducted.

2.) Not everyone got enough points to afford the item:
In this case, an "Eligibility List/Points weighted List" gets created. The List ranks the people that got enough points in the order they are on the SK List first, following by the rest of the players sorted by the amount of points they have.

3.) Noone has enough points to afford the item
In this case once more an Eligibility List/Points weighted List gets created, ranking all players by the amount of points they have.

There is no such thing as negative SKP. If you don't have enough points, you only pay all the points you have, resulting in you being reduced to 0 points.

Even if you got 0 points, you still can loot stuff. (Admittedly, only the stuff noone else wants, but still) Its better to have gear on our members than having it turned to Void Crystals

You should always find the current item pricing here: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=2830
Furthermore, the prices change. The item costs are ruled by the availability of the items. An item from an instance we can only kill one boss with lots of luck is much more expensive then an item from an instance we farm every week.

Q: What do i have to do if i really want an item as soon as it drops for the first time ? Whom do i have to bribe ?
A: There is an exception to the loot list that is especially for this situation: Priority, which is explained below.

As for the actual Looting Process:

The looting in raid is 2-staged.

First Stage, the item is announced in raid for --off: [ --off

This is the first and cheapest option to get an item. "-off" Can be invoked by anyone for everything. You pay less points and get suicided on a special Offspec lootlist (The sole purpose of this list is to make sure that everyone gets their fare share of offspec loot). Can be used by greedy mains, by mains needing minor upgrades and of course for all the real offspec loot.
As long as noone --me's the item in Stage 2 you pay less points and won't get suicided on the main loot list.
NOTE - If you type --me during the --off phase, you will be disqualified from looting the item.

The Second Stage, the item is announced in raid for --me: [item] --me

This is the standard loot option, being a full price normal suicide. --me outranks --off since the points cost is higher and you get suicided on the main list. The examples above explain the Suicide Kings listed with the standard --me loot option. Everyone can invoke --me for any item including offspec items. It is usually polite to not call it for offspec items if there are mains still needing it.

The other option you have in this stage is calling Priority for an item. You do this by calling --prio in this stage.
In order to call Priority you need to have 3 times the points of a normal loot in this Tier.
Tier 13 currently costs 100 points. In order to call a successful --prio you need to have 300 points or more. --prio outranks --me and --off.
You pay 3x Standard Loot points, in this case 300 points and get the item.[/color]

If there is just a single --me call and no --offs the winner will get the item as if it was called with --off. Reduced points, no suicide. This reflects that the item is in very low demand and the winner could have gotten it by a simple off call.]

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