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Hsaru (mage)

Post by Hsaru » Tue Jun 20, 2017 5:29 pm

About me
"Please excuse me,' he said, speaking correctly, but with a foreign accent, 'for presuming to speak to you without an introduction..."
My name is Michael and I live in Aalborg, Denmark (you're excused for having no clue where that'll be: Northern part of Jutland, not too far from ferries to Norway and Sweden).

For the past 25 years I've been working as a consultant/system developer on ERP Systems (business software used by companies to manage their inventory, production orders, projects etc.). Those quick-witted among you did the math already and correctly concluded I'm not exactly an youngster anymore. At the ripe old age of 46 I'm still entertaining myself with a variety of RPG's and MMORPG's. After having spent the past 3 years between trashing mostly the same mobs in Diablo III, a stint of Eve to make my modest contribution in World War Bee, and (still) hunting for Ciri in Wild Hunt, now feels like the like right time to return to the realms and challenge The Legion before Azeroth falls.

I've been around Argent Dawn since sometime in 2005 (played the first few months on US servers).
Some of you probably - unconsciously - stumbled over my lil' gnome mage Hsaru, or bumped into my heal/tank paladin Velan. Prior communities is IronFist, Iron&Wine, Inertia and, most recently, Inner Circle. I never left a community while it was still actively raiding (Interia have been revived, but is no longer as a raiding community). All was exceptional nice communities which offered everything I was (and am) looking for: Friendly and mature people, a semi-serious-casual-but-not-too-hardcore raid group as a focal point of the community and good players that are interested in discussing both game mechanics and life out of WoW, too.

In every community I always ended up - mostly voluntarily - being involved in the leadership, and while I enjoyed working with a close-knit bunch of people behind the scenes, I also spent a lot of my playing time dealing with the work that came with it. Just keeping the ranks filled and raids happening prior to flex raiding was a real struggle. By the end of Catalysm I was suffering the dreaded burnout -- between that and a new job I called it quits and haven't been around much since. I reactivated my wow account one month ago, and so far I'm having a blast and is finally enjoying wow again. Mostly I've been trying to get the mage somewhat raid-ready, while enjoying the occasional PvP brawl.

My second great interest is following the NFL season, in particular my belowed Dallas Cowboys. During business trips in the early 2000's I went to live games and got swallowed in. I still watch several games a week during football season (September to February) -- a game easily is 3 hrs, so yes, this is a another time consuming hobby and monday mornings at work is no fun! I'm always happy to discuss your favourite team, and if you are a Philly fan I will even put a restrain on myself and still try to be polite!

Generally I will be available most Fridays, Sundays and almost every Tuesday. Overall I expects to fulfill the 2/3 overall attendance requirement.

Days unavailable - when they happens - will mostly be on Fridays and some Sundays. If friends suggests a cozy evening (with good food!) I will always prioritize that over playing a computer game. Similarly, I will still like to be able watch selected interesting Sunday night games during NFL season without feeling guilty. Having said that, I will generally plan commitments around the raiding schedule, attempting to keep attendance as high as possible otherwise.

I fulfill most criteria in the checklist - DBM, written english and willingness to join SF.
The elephant in the room is understanding spoken english on Discord. I'm pretty much deaf (with a significant hearing loss). In a real-life conversation I have no issues understanding spoken english, but on Discord -- between at times questionable sounds quality, background noise and no lipreading -- it becomes difficult. If the raid leader is giving simple orders or calling out abilities during a fight I'm mostly good, since I know what to expect and what to listen for. But if somebody are doing a lenghty explanation - or just the general chit-chat during raids - I happen to get lost more often than not. I hear some of it, but don't always get the full picture.

While dealing with a hearing impaired would likely be a new situation for you, it's not a new challenge for me -- it's been like that since TS became a thing and replaced 1000-word-per-min typing skills sometime during TBC. I will generally try to make up for the disadvantage by coming prepared and knowing fights well. I raided most of WotLK and Catalysm like this with 3 main specs simultaneously -- dps, healer and tank -- with the ability to instantly step in any fight in any role, and raid lead when the need was. I'm nowhere flawless (quite the opposite in fact) and stands in fire as much as anyone else, but it was rarely being deaf or coming not prepared that made me fail.

In prior communities I would - at the start of each raid - ask somebody to be "wingman" for the raid, and poke me in /w if something important was announced or something was directed to me. Preferably it was somebody not in the raid lead, not to put extra pressure on that already stressful role.

If you got questions about this, don't hesitate to ask. However, Aelinna is probably the one who can answer your concerns the best - we've played together on/off for the better part of a decade, and he knows better than anyone to which degree this is an issue from "your" point of view.

I got a long raiding history with Aelinna, and raided Molten Core with Stormfury, also. There could be others hiding under sneaky new names, but to my knowledge those are it.

(other subjects from the template in this section has been covered above).

>> Will Tayas' constant eating while he talks on Mumble cause you personal distress?
I'll probably get hungry. I'm distressed when I'm hungry.

Main: Hsaru (mage)
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... dawn/hsaru

Having only recently returned to the game, focus has been on getting the mage ready'ish for ToS. Besides the gear I'm wearing, I got very few interesting alternatives, so not really a lot to see here, move on.

Armory spec may vary dependent on when you do the lookup. Its likely some kind of variation of frost -- but I'm still trying out different combinations of WaterElemental/no-WE, MirrorImage/no-MI, FrostBomb/no-FB -- to test dps and get rotations right for different spec. When questing I may play some Fire/Arcane, too.

I don't mind respeccing to whatever spec is beneficial, and have regularly switched spec between expansions or raids. But my focus has been on levelling frost weapon (currently 48 ranks purchased), so Frost obviously being my most raid-ready spec for the time being.

I have been using AMR for first round of optimization. Gear pieces still being upgraded too regularly for SimCraft (which I need to figure out how to use too, shame, i liked rawr.mage!).

Alt: Velan (paladin):
https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/chara ... dawn/velan

Poor dwarf is still stuck at lvl85. Plan is to eventually level a tank+healer toon again, and be able to play all specs in alt raids. But still undecided if pally is the way to go, or I'm making a new toon for this. Currently all focus is on the mage.

During MoP I reactivated my account briefly, but didn't apply to communities since I wasn't sure I was ready to come back just yet. I learned I not only hated the theme of MoP, but also that playing around with no real purpose and with no raiding was not for me. So it's been a priority for this time round to find a raiding community, and get ready for that. Aelinna have done hes best PR Manager impression, and from the outside SF appears to be a mature community whose ambitions fits what I hope to achieve from the game.

I would have liked the mage to be even more raid-ready by now, but preparations started too late for me to be entirely ready for ToS. Also, due to some already planned RL commitments I will most likely be travelling a lot from mid-August to mid-September, and will likely be unavailable for ~4 weeks (it's still not set in stone, but likely).

While these two issues really suggests I should maybe apply later rather than sooner, I hope to be around for the long haul. After all mid-august is two full months of raiding away, so I believe I (and as a consequence, you) will be better off joining now for ToS rather than wait.

If no raider spot can be granted, I would be still interested in a social Raider spot.

>> (Optional) What's 42?

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Re: Hsaru (mage)

Post by Dzi » Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:57 pm

Hey Hsaru, thanks for making this!

I vouch for him, he will be topping our DPS meters as soon as he gets some Tomb gear I have no doubt.

The deafness can be a bit of an issue but I will try to relay important info. I don't think it results in any more wipes than my pure absentmindedness.

We have a Discord bot, Jarvis. If you type "!help" in the bot_commands channel, you can see what he can do. One of those things is run simcraft for you, optionally with weights.
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Re: Hsaru (mage)

Post by Iluin » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:14 pm

Cheers Hsaru!

Welcome to Seventh flight. As I told Aeli this was just a formality so we got something on record which is a shame since this was a most excellent application!
Seventh Flight - Home of the unhappy and depressed - but warm and naked - Raiders! Tis a home away from home.

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