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Nazlan - Fury Warrior

Post by Nazlan » Fri Dec 08, 2017 12:46 am

About me
Give us some information about yourself. Who you are, what you do. Common topics include:
my name is Eric and I think it's time for me to apply to some guild. I live in Lithuania(if heard about such country) and I work as store manager. I'm 32 years old so still young and blooming. :) In my free time I play WoW or basketball(generally for myself not for some trophies). In WoW I am more PvE focused(raiding, doing mythics+), because for me it's more fun and more rewarding from my point of view. I still keep playing WoW because I found it the most satisfying MMO and I played a lot of them. Still was playing with some breaks and started from MoP(right before release of Draenor).


Your raiding time is perfect for me for all days, the only days I won't be available are the days of matches(as I mentioned I play basketball, so in general matches are in the evening). But I will make sure to warn about them in time so no harm would be done. What's so special about me? I think of myself as a simple guy, with no extraordinary powers or whatsoever, maybe the only thing I would mention is you will never break my morale or will(20 wipes won't scare me, only rises my focus :)). I have no special achievements on Argent Dawn, just started playing after a break and for Alliance this time(always wanted to see other side). I think I don't know any members, maybe saw names in RDF but didn't pay to much attention, were busy doing my job. I have done mythics+ runs(with friends, still got a few), raiding with other guilds, but they disbanded their raiding groups or no progression. At the moment I don't have any alts on my account, switched servers and sides :). I can fully understand tactics and orders in raids(simple soldier who knows what needed to be done and listens to orders). And maybe I play for warrior with no intellect found, I am no some kind of blockhead, learn from mistakes, don't repeat them, make life easier for healers.
Will Tayas' constant eating while he talks on Mumble cause you personal distress? I think no, we all have ours issues :)

Character ... awn/nazlan
I think I get full understanding of my class, what gear I should pick, what stats are important for me. So in time I will shine. The only gear I not wearing is fillers for legendary slots. Still need to make progress with them to get all. My build is raid friendly but if raid will need me to respec, I will do so.

Why SeventhFlight? Well I think you got a great community with good raiding experience, good progression and having fun while raiding.
Anything else you'd like to say? Maybe I should mention I will make some alts and level them but will do so in the future not now.

Will look forward to yours reply and if some information is missed just let me know, will fill in more info.

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Re: Nazlan - Fury Warrior

Post by Iluin » Sat Dec 09, 2017 11:05 am

Welcome Nazlan!

It's a Saturday morning, sipping coffee and I figured why not check the good old forum just in case.


So let's go through it.
You noticed the "Read this first" thread. Clicked on it AND read it. .......... Check
You use proper sentences with capital letters AND punctuation. ............ Check
You are in your 30s which means you most likely know how to fake being an adult. .............. Check
You want to raid with us AND our raid times are acceptable to you. .............. Check

Leaves just one thing left to do.

We toss you a Discord and guild invite, you do a raid or two with us and if you enjoy your time, we "click", sparks are flying, the magic happens, love is in the air, ect.., consider yourself a full member.
And if you don't like it no harm done.


PS: Only issue about the first raid is the date. Looking at your gear you are not ready for Heroic and we cleared normal yesterday. Sunday is Heroic and Tuesday is Mythic+. It would probably be best if you either join us for a Mythic+ on Tuesday or come with us next Friday 15th.
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